Investigating The Specific Surface Of Clay And The Key Procedures Involved

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Essay on Summary of two papers published to measure the specific surface of clay and the key procedures involved. Paper 1: Specific Surface: Determination and relevance Authors: J. C. Santamarina, K. A. Klein, Y. H. Wang and E. Prencke According to this paper, there are two methods used to determine the specific surface of clays: 1. Gas Adsorption (Dry conditions). 2. Absorption of molecules from solution onto a solid surface (Aqueous suspensions). In addition to these, specific surface can also be calculated using known thermo-dynamic properties, microscopy, diffusiveness of X-Rays, etc. But the paper focusses on the two methods mentioned earlier. Gas Adsorption methods: • This method uses the Brunauer, Emmett and Teller (BET) gas…show more content…
Key Procedures involved are: 1. European Method: • Procedure is given by Kandhal and Parker (1998). i. Preparation of MB solution. ii. Preparation of soil suspension. iii. Then after MB is added to the soil suspension. iv. Whenever we add MB, the soil suspension is mixed and a drop is removed from suspension. v. ‘End Point’ is said to be reached, when the unabsorbed MB forms a permanent blue halo around soil aggregate spot. vi. Determination of specific surface is done from the amount of MB required to reach the end point. where N is no. of MB increments, Av is the Avogadro’s number, AMB is area covered by one MB molecule. 2. Titration: • The process of evaluating the absorbed MB used can be improved and made more precise by using titration. • The titration curve is used to determine more accurate value of MB absorbed. • Procedure: i. Mixing of oven dry specimen with deionized water. ii. This suspension is the =n continuously mixed. iii. 5mL is removed from this suspension and placed in a test tube. This is the centrifuged. iv. The remnant concentration of Mb is noted. (Spectrophotometer is used). v. More Mb solution is then added. Repetition of previous steps. vi. A graph is plotted with Amount of MB added v/s amount of absorbed MB. vii. At optimum point, the specific surface is computed from amount of MB absorbed. Paper 2: Determination of Surface Area of Fine-Grained Soils by the Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether (EGME) Method. Authors:

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