Investigating The Suitable Type Of Sampling Strategy

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This essay will explain the suitable type of sampling strategy that would be used when conducting research based upon the main characteristic being paid employment among undergraduate students who attend Bangor University. This research proposal is important because it looks at the motives as to why students might choose to go into paid employment whilst at university. Some reasons undergraduate students may go into paid employment might just be to earn some extra money, possibly for food or for books as student finance may not give much to a student for specific reasons surrounding their family finances. It also looks at what paid employment can do for students, such as getting a job for confidence reasons, gaining a greater skill in being independent and a possibility that they may just want to meet new people. Another motive for why an undergraduate student may want/go into paid employment is to gain work experience which then they can put towards their future work goals. By considering these points a suitable sampling strategy or several strategies will be found and discussed in relation to this research proposal. There are a few appropriate sampling strategies which could be used for this type of research, the first strategy being purposive sampling, this type of sampling allows the researcher to hand pick subjects on the basis of specific characteristics. To which the characteristics for this type of research would be paid employment among undergraduate students who
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