Investigating The Truths Behind Violent Or Delinquent Behavior

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LaShay Robbins
Ms. Kim Morrow
4 May 2015
Does Your DNA make you Predestined to Commit Crimes? Genetics and behavior relations has been a controversial topic for several years, however, as time has passed so has the demand for proof or disproof of the relationship. One of the most important reasons for the need to define this relationship is to uncover the truths behind violent or delinquent behavior. Also, it is important that we can weed out people who make false claims that their genes are responsible for their actions in order for us to appropriately distribute penalties or treatment. Another reason is that if we do find truths to these claims we can find ways to treat these behaviors for better outcomes. Though many studies have been conducted to reveal associations, more research is yet to be done that explores all connections and detailed backgrounds of those involved in the studies. To begin validating our theories, we must use genotyping, which is the comparison of an individual’s genetic make-up through exploration of their DNA sequence then comparing it to the DNA sequence of another individual or a reference sample. Utilizing genotyping, we are able to view the alleles an individual inherited from their parents (slide 4). First, we should begin with the investigation into an individual’s background because this is what seems to lead us to the question of whether or not this person possesses a gene that can ultimately be responsible for their criminal…
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