Investigating The Viability Of Setting Up A Indian Restaurant

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GURPREET SINGH STUDENTS ID 2014005022 INDIAN RESTAURANT JEWEL OF PUNJAB ASSIGNMENT NO. 3 BUSINESS ENTERPRISE 8 OCT 2014 Indian restaurant Purpose The main purpose of conducting the research is to investigate the viability of setting up a Indian restaurant in Invercargill, new Zealand. The research will explore the opinions and views of Invercargill people towards restaurant services and determine the best suitable restaurant model for Invercargill. Size of the restaurant or type of the restaurant did not matter when determining the goal of restaurant. Research questions Whether opening an Indian restaurant In Invercargill is a good option or not? How the customer perception has allowed indian restaurant to improve customer satisfaction. Objectives: • The level of requirement of north Indian restaurant in Invercargill . • To identify the attributes that help indian restaurant to improve customer satisfaction. • To compare the existing customer loyality program of international restaurant. • To purpose the recommendations on making effective customer relationship marketing strategy and marketing mix. • What people expect from a Indian restaurant. • What type of taste does Invercargill people need. • People affordability
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