Investigating Theories Of Organization Team Based Working Methodology Essay

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Introduction Origin of report This report is generated under assistant professor, Department of Management Studies. This report is prepare forthe requirements of ‘OB Course’. The assignment is by studying company’s real customs behaviours, attitudes, system approach, and contingency plan. Objectives of the Report Broad Objective The key objective of the report is to provide a general view of the practical application OB in MEC. Specific Objective • Study of organization Behaviour • Explanation of theories of organization • Team Based working methodology Methodology Data received from Web, journal and company prospectus. Used Ms Work. Primary Information Detailed analysis website and analysis the data as per OB subject. Secondary information Mazoon Electricity publish a wide variety of materials for the its stake holders. For the study on Mazoon Electricity we used data and information from these resources. Organization Behaviour Organizational Behaviour is the study of impact individuals, groups, and organization structure has on human behaviour. OB can be defined as the study of what people think, feel and do in organizations. The Study of OB eases the process of explaining, understanding, predicting, maintain, and altering employee behaviour in an organizational setting. People as organizations,  Peoples as resources.  Peoples as people In other words it involves the understanding, guess and control of human behaviour and factors disturbing their performance and
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