Investigating a New Hospital Management System

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Investigating a new hospital management system Discuss how the new systems can affect healthcare cost A hospital management system is a program designed to improve management and quality of care provided to patients by the healthcare providers. The system assists in the daily running of operations within the hospital. The hospital management system will enable the hospital to reduce its operating costs, and also provide better care to its patient's which leads to increase in the hospital's profit. Using the system, the hospital would cater for the same number of patients using fewer healthcare providers, and they would use less time than before to handle a single patient or case. Doctors would have more time to concentrate on providing treatment and care to the patients instead of doing clerical activities of writing down patient notes and other such things(Hardgrave, Wilson, & Eastman, 1999). Hospital administrators would be able to streamline the operations of the hospital and thus would reduce the cost of running the hospital drastically. With the streamlined operations, the response time to patient care would increase as retrieving and collecting the patient records would be an easy process. The initial cost of acquiring the system would be hefty, but the costs would be recovered quite fast as the hospital will require less manpower to operate and the turnaround times per patient would be much higher. The number of patients treated in a day would increase, and there
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