Investigating the Biomolecules found in Gelatin Essay

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Investigating the Biomolecules found in Gelatin
Abstract: For this inquiry lab, the research team tested the gelatin solution for the presence of biomolecules. The team searched for the presence of starch, glucose, lipids, and proteins through the use of indicators: Sudan III, Lugol’s iodine, Benedict’s solution, and Biuret’s reagent. After testing the gelatin solution in the presence of the indicators, the results showed that Lugol’s reacted, turning orange-pink (oils) and the Biuret reagent (protein) reacted with the gelatin solution, turning lilac. Thus it was determined that the gelatin solution held both proteins as well as oils.

Introduction: Lipids, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and proteins are essential parts of daily life.
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Lugol’s iodine was determined to turn black-blue in the presence of starch, and Sudan III was found to indicate the presence of lipids. Upon further research into which biomolecules were found in the gelatin solution, it was determined that only protein was present, which meant that there was an error, more specifically, a cross contamination in the well plates (during the Lugol’s testing). It was unplanned that the team mixed up two of the indicators, which caused a false indication of the presence of a certain macromolecule (lipids). In addition to that, the member of the team that handled the chemicals, added in extra drops to certain wells inadvertently, though not a major issue, this could have caused some potential miscalculations to be recorded. Also, after completing the experiment, the investigators did not repeat the experiment at least three times to validate their results, which is important if one wishes to perform a valid experiment. Some suggestions that would make the experiment valid would be to have more constants, which would definitely increase the accuracy of the results, as well as clean the equipment thoroughly to avoid cross contamination in the wells. Moreover, another suggestion would be to perform the experiment more than once to see if the results are accurate.

Error Analysis: There were few errors that contributed to the false indication of an extra macromolecule in the experiment. One of the errors that the team

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