Investigating the Effect ofTeeth Cleaning Agents on the Growth of Bacteria

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Investigating the Effect of Different Teeth Cleaning Agents on the Growth of Bacteria On account of the price and variety of tooth cleaning agents available on the market, an investigation was conducted into the effect of different tooth cleaning agents containing different ingredients on the growth of teeth bacteria. The tooth cleaning agents tested were Colgate total antibacterial toothpaste with Triclosan (3 pence/ml), Boots non fluoride toothpaste (less than a penny/ml), Dental care baking soda toothpaste (2 pence/ml) and a twig from a natural toothbrush tree Salvadora persica commonly known as ‘Muswak’ (30 pence for two weeks supply, toothbrush not required as twig carries out the function of a toothbrush). Gingivitis (inflammation…show more content…
It is inexpensive, customary and used for religious reasons as well.’ Additionally, Abu Hanifa mentions the use of muswak as being best for brushing teeth, for it makes speech more eloquent, frees the tongue, relieves the weakness that comes from disease, stimulates the appetite and clears the brain.5b As seen from above, the main visible active microbial agent in the chosen tooth-cleaning agents is Triclosan. Studies involving Triclosan include a six month study carried out by Bolden T et al on the clinical effect of a dentrifice containing Triclosan on plaque formation and gingivitis. This study noted that there was a 17% statistically significant reduction in plaque formation when using Triclosan.6a Thus with regard to data obtained from the above study the following hypothesis was formulated: "Clinically proven antibacterial Colgate total toothpaste containing Triclosan will affect the growth of teeth bacteria the most by reducing it or stopping it completely as compared to the baking soda toothpaste, non fluoride toothpaste and the natural tooth cleaning product ‘muswak’." The percentage area covered of bacterial growth was used to measure and compare the activity of the tooth cleaning agents against teeth bacteria obtained by taking swabs directly from the mouth of a human volunteer. Five small wells were cut into a solidified agar plate at approximate

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