Investigating the Effectiveness of the British Penal System

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Investigating the Effectiveness of the British Penal System

The Penal System: is the set of laws, and procedures that follow a conviction to a person, these are punishments including sentencing, community service and tagging.

The British penal system is a system used in our country, which keeps crime and violence under control. It is a system, which has been set up for many years to try and help prevent crimes, to have justice and set victims free. Crime covers the range of controversy. For example rape, murder, paedophilia, GBH and there are many more types of crime.

All of the horrific topics I just mentioned are crimes, each unforgivable in its own right, who does have the right to do any
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Some criticism comes from the fact that we no longer have capital punishment, one of the main punishments that used to be carried out just over 30 years ago.

5 Aims of sentences

PROTECTION: this aim states the fact that punishment will result

in society being protected by one’s anti-social behaviour because it will most probably mean that the offender will have to serve an amount of time in prison therefore taken out of society and no longer a danger to society. This aim can be justified because it may even help offenders to protect themselves from re-offending.

RETRIBUTION: this theory works on the basis that if somebody does something wrong then the punishment they should receive should be fitting for the crime they committed. A well known saying which explains this theory is, ‘An eye for an eye’. This quote, ‘An eye for an eye’, is a subjective viewpoint because it was once said by the Indian, Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘An eye of an eye will only make the whole world blind. This is a very important quote because it states that the people who commit crimes should not receive punishments fitting to the crime they commit. I personally think that this quote should be taken in to account and

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