Investigating the Main Feautres of Different Places of Worship

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Investigating the Main Feautres of Different Places of Worship I have chosen the Roman Catholic Church and the Baptist Church. The most important features of the Roman Catholic Church are the Tabernacle and the Altar. These form the focal point of the building. The Altar is situated on a platform, which is usually 2-3 steps so that the congregation are involved in the mass visually. The tabernacle is usually beside or behind the altar. The altar contains a fragment from the bone of a saint. This signifies the difference between the altar and a normal table. The altar dates back to the Ancient Jews, who sacrificed animals, on a table in the temple, towards God. Catholics believe that the ultimate…show more content…
Catholics believe that sin spoils the relationship between them and God and the sacrament of Reconciliation can restore it. Catholics believe that God gave us seven gifts to show his love these are: Matrimony, Holy Orders, Reconciliation, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist and Healing of the Sick. The focal point of the Baptist Church is the pulpit; this is where the bible is kept. Baptists use the bible to learn lessons and the minister preaches using it. They believe that bible readings and prayers are the most important part of the service. Baptists don't believe in sacraments they only believe in the power of God through His Word. Roman Catholic churches have a pulpit/lectern it is used for the Word of God, however it isn't as important as the Priest's homily. The Baptist church doesn't have a confessional they don't believe that the minister has the power to forgive the congregation in God's place. The congregation usually pray together to ask god for forgiveness, they believe he is the only one who has the power to forgive them. The Baptist church doesn't have and liturgies like the Roman Catholic Church. If you were to go to one Baptist church and went to another one around the corner the service would be very different; the Baptist church is non- liturgical. However with the

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