Investigation And Analysis Technique : Fault Tree Analysis

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Investigation and Analysis Technique
The following report examines a three types of investigation techniques – Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. The methodology of the report is based on a research on the developmental history and procedural methodology of these three analytical techniques.
This research paper will identify the strength and weaknesses of all three techniques and an opinion on which method is preferred. In the last section of the report, I will examine an accident scenario and conduct an investigation using the Fault Tree Analysis method.
Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
There are multiple causes of an accident or a loss-making event. The Fault Tree Analysis is one of the many analytical techniques that is used for tracing the series of events that could contribute to an accident (NEBOSH, 2010).
Who or What Company Developed The FTA and Why
The Fault Tree Analysis method was developed in 1962 at Bell Telephone Laboratories by H.A. Watson, under a U.S. Air Force Ballistics Systems Division contract to evaluate the system safety and reliability of the launch control system for the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) (NIOSH, 2010).
It was later adopted and applied by the Boeing Company as a systematic safety analysis method to promote the safety of highly technical complex systems and the nuclear industry to improve the safety and reliability of nuclear reactors (NIOSH, 2010).

What The FTA Is Used For
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