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My favorite channel on television is Investigation Discovery. It consists of shows that are all about crimes, murders, and serial killers. When I watch these shows the first questions that pops in my mind are what made them this way, and how was their upbringing? So, I guess wondering these questions I believe that a person is good or bad based on their experiences. Like if person was raised with a stable family, good morals, and knows right from wrong based on experiences they go through I believe they will turn out to be good people. For the most part people around a good environment will most likely follow their surrounding, and turn out to be good people. I think if someone was raised in an unstable upbringing, raised by criminals, or…show more content…
That event does not have to be a bad or good one nor does it have to be a dramatic one. Just a event that alters with their motivation to do the simple things in life and to strive to be happy. If something that you experience that effects you and makes you unhappy this can cause you severe depression for the long run. It takes one thing to shake your world upside down, and change you completely. Once a person is not motivated for themselves or the rewards and punishments then this could cause mental decline, because they think they are worthless or helpless. So certain experiences lack of self-satisfaction or happiness, and lack of motivation can destroy a person’s mental health. It can be caused by one event that happened one day and could last a…show more content…
In order for someone to get mentally healthy again is self-realization that they need help, and to change their life. In order for this to happen they have to actually believe in themselves, and think positive they can change their life around. Maybe they need to change their environment around them, people in their lives, and or change themselves. This will allow them to create a fresh start, and seek the life that will make them mentally healthy. What will make this easier for them is having the love and support needed to push them, and make them realize it will be okay. If you have someone by your side it makes change easier because you will always have that comfort in that one person you have by your side if you get overwhelmed. I just think this all has to come from the person who needs the help. They have to be willing to admit it, and then get the help they need to make them better. Eventually, it all depends on them and how much they want to change their
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