Investigation Into the Language and Rhetorical Devices Used in Political Speeches

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INTRODUCTION: I am studying the rally speeches for the leaders of the Labour and Liberal Democrat party’s. Nick Clegg has been the leader of the Liberal Democrat party for 5 years now and Ed Milliband has been the leader of the Labour party for 2 years. Both of these leaders have become unpopular in the public’s eyes: Nick Clegg due to him lying about the raising of tuition fees as well as the negative view from his party as they feel he has disassociated himself from the party objectives in order to conform to a conservative coalition. Ed Milliband is unpopular due to his lack of solid policy projections and no real estimates of what he would do as prime minister, he has left the nation in confusion and doubting his ability.…show more content…
He is attempting to bring back the pride in the liberal ideology and re-aligning society with them; by highlighting the importance of liberal ideals in a dramatic fashion he is becoming the front man for it all. He is creating a situation for himself in which he is the representation of the Liberal Democrat party. Therefore, removing the ideas of detachments from the party objectives. By repeating this word he is emphasizing to the audience there is a clear direction of the party one that can be clearly placed under one singular noun. Ed Milliband repeats the adverbial clause of manner “so let me be clear” twice in entirely unaltered. This phrase is significant due to the recent lack of clarity in his leadership that the public has been experiencing. Here by using the verb “let” he seems like he is pleading with audiences to let him clarify what he wants, this represents the poor public opinion he has gained. Milliband does this exacting repetition of significant phrases multiple times, like “Britain has given my family everything “ which he repeats twice. Here it seems he wants to clarify and get across his personal debt to the country. He is emphasizing he will serve the nation appropriately. Ed Milliband also has multiple lists of threes’s in his speech such as “this is what I am, this is what I believe in, this is my faith” as well as “we’ve heard it , we’ve seen it, we’ve felt it. “ This power speech
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