Investigation Of A Chosen Biological Process

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Criteria 1: Outlines an investigation related to a chosen biological process.

1.1 State the aim of the investigation, identifying independent/dependent variables/ controlled variables.

In this investigation we are testing what affect enzyme concentration has on enzyme activity whilst in a substrate solution, in this example, potato flesh (catalyse) while in a Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

The independent variable of this investigation is the amount of potato in each test-tube, and the dependant variable will be the rate of activity recorded, in this case the amount of foam bubbles caught by detergent. The control variables will be the amount of substrate (H2O2) within the test-tube, for this investigation will be 3mls, as well as the
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1.3 Discuss the cellular process under investigation, including any relevant reaction equations or model diagrams.

Enzymes are generally made up of proteins and are biological catalysts that speed up the reaction rate of chemical reactions that happen in living cells. Enzymes are specific for certain substrate molecules and do not become consumed by the substrate after the chemical reaction occurs, this allows the same enzyme active site to be used over and over again by large amounts of substrate, provided it does not become denatured (Cullen, K. 2014).

This experiment investigates the affect that enzyme concentration has on the activity within a substrate solution. Enzyme concentration increases the amount of active sites available to chemically react with available substrate molecules resulting in a faster reaction rate.

(WBC, 2014)

There are two types of enzyme mechanisms, the first being what is referred to as the “Lock and Key” mechanism (Science Online. 2014), during this process, a substrate and enzyme which are geometrically identical are bonded together, via the active site to form an enzyme-substrate complex, and in doing so cause a chemical reaction. After this chemical reaction, products are formed and are then released as they do not fit the “lock”.
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