Investigation Of A Chosen Biological Process

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Criteria 1: Outlines an investigation related to a chosen biological process.

1.1 State the aim of the investigation, identifying independent/dependent variables/ controlled variables.

In this investigation we are testing what affect enzyme concentration has on enzyme activity whilst in a substrate solution, in this example, potato flesh (catalyse) while in a Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

The independent variable of this investigation is the amount of potato in each test-tube, and the dependant variable will be the rate of activity recorded, in this case the amount of foam bubbles caught by detergent. The control variables will be the amount of substrate (H2O2) within the test-tube, for this investigation will be 3mls, as well as the size of the test-tubes used, the time of the experiment and the temperature of both the potato flesh and the hydrogen peroxide, that being room temperature.

1.2 Predict the results of the investigation (hypothesis) and justify predictions in terms of appropriate biological theory.

During this investigation, we expect to see a higher reaction rate within the test-tubes with higher catalyse enzyme concentration as opposed to those in test-tubes with lower concentrations; this is predicted to be because as the enzyme concentration increases, the rate of reaction also increases, resulting in more active sites on the enzyme molecules being available to drive the reaction (Laberge, M. 2014.).

It is expected that by using a drop of detergent in…
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