Investigation Of A Security Clearance For A Position Impacting Our National Security

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Background investigations are an essential aspect of the vetting process for both employees and potential employees of the US Federal, State, and Local governments and private sector companies that provide support, services and products to these government entities. These investigations are conducted to determine the suitability of the subject of the investigation to hold a security clearance for a position impacting our national security. Many of the individuals hired by the aforementioned organizations are placed in positions which require a security clearance. Based on the type of clearance, the person has access to information that is crucial to implementation of the missions of US government entities and private industry companies. If the information accessed by individuals favorably adjudicated for a security clearance was disseminated to individuals and/or organizations considered to be threats to US national security, grave endangerment of the US and its residents could occur.
A complete and thorough initial investigation for top secret clearances covers the subject of the investigation’s history over the past 10 years. Within the scope of the background investigation, an individual will be asked to verify information regarding his/her residential, employment, military, financial, medical and legal histories. After information is obtained from the subject of the investigation and sources who can verify subject’s activities within the past 10 years, the…
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