Investigation Of Strengths And Weaknesses

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Within this investigation the strengths are the group work, the team allowed everyone to participate in the experiment, each taking turns burning a piece of food. Another strength was the amount of materials, while some mistakes were made with food samples there were always back ups if something happened.

Within this investigation the weaknesses are using the piece of sugar and burning it straight above the bunsen burner which causes it to turn into a liquid substances once heat was added, when it was meant to be placed in a ceramic bowl before burning. Another weakness was the thermometers kept fluctuating as it was too close to the bunsen burner before testing the energy given off by each piece of food.

The results shown in our data above is not trustworthy. Based on other groups results 46% of the data shows sugar gives off a higher amount of energy than both sets of jatz but the sugar cube wasn't accurate as it was melted into a ceramic bowl as the Jatz's were being held in a pair of tongs while on fire. Shown from the arnotts websites each serve of Jatz contains different amounts of energy, original Jatz giving off 488 kJ of energy and the 97% Fat Free Jatz giving off only 390 kJ of energy. The Arnott’s data backs up the current data from both the class and our own, as the original jatz did have more energy than the fat free jatz but the amount of energy given off my each jatz does not match the data produced by Arnotts Jatz.
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