Investigation Of The Inquiry Process Essay

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The ability to question, be curious, and inquire is hardwired into the human brain. Everyone is born with the need and capacity to inquire. The inquiry process is open-ended, explores information, and helps gather evidence in order to construct a valid conclusion as well as to gain knowledge. The process of inquiry is an effective way to attain necessary knowledge and understanding of a question or problem. Undoubtedly, the inquiry process is a strong foundation upon which you can begin a successful career, maintain a healthy lifestyle, gain knowledge, as well as valuable experiences.
The most important part, and the first step, of the inquiry process is to ask questions. Asking questions is never a negative thing to do, although you must be aware of your surroundings and make sure the context in which you ask a question is appropriate. This step of the inquiry process includes engineering a list of questions to help you narrow the what type of career path you would like to pursue. Next in the inquiry process is career exploration. This step includes conducting intensive research and examination into career choices, and determining which one best suits you best based on the questions asked in step one. The third step in the inquiry process is gathering evidence. You should look for relevant pieces of evidence that support why your possible career paths are most beneficial for you, and how they assist you in reaching your career goals. Sufficient evidence would include
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