Investigation Of The Murder Weapon

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On August 17, 1992, an 11-year-old girl named Holly Staker was raped and murdered in Waukegan, Illinois. Staker was babysitting two young children when the perpetrator broke down the back door with a blue mop and a knife, entered the apartment and attacked the victim in the children’s bedroom. When Dawn Englebrecht, the mother of the two children, arrived home to find a broken door and a missing babysitter, she called the police. The police arrived, scoured the apartment and found the victim in the children’s bedroom.
The victim had been stabbed 27 times, raped, and strangled to death. There was sufficient evidence throughout the apartment, consisting of bloody handprints on the wall near the staircase and blood in the sink; it was promptly sent away for analysis. The murder weapon was not found; however, the police did find a broken knife in a neighbor’s yard.
B. Investigation/Suspect The police began their investigation without an initial suspect. It was not until 10 weeks after the murder that they received a tip from a jailhouse informant. The informant, Edward Martin, a man in prison for aggravated criminal sexual assault of his stepdaughter, pointed the finger at Juan Rivera, a 19-year-old mentally ill man. River first met with police while in jail on October 2, 1992. He provided samples of blood and hair and cooperated fully with the police. The police had him write and sign an initial statement reflecting his whereabouts on the night of the crime; he…
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