Investigation Of The Solar Thermal Energy Design Course

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Proceedings of the Solar Thermal Energy Design Course
12 May 2017, Sydney, NSW, Australia z5122562 TRANSPIRED AIR HEATING COLLECTORS

Ajay Kumar Hassan Nagaraj
Mechanical Engineering
Sydney, NSW, Australia


The Global warming being the major problem and the fact that consumption of non-renewable resources is the reason behind it. The Future is considering complete utilization of renewable resources as energy consumption, like wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy, etc. Particularly when it comes solar energy, there are many techniques through which we can harvest solar energy as fuel and use it for various applications one such application is solar air heating. In this paper, we study about the working
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And generally used for commercial drying applications. [1]

• South facing wall transpired solar collectors:
They are also called envelope-mounted, in this the building façade is fixed with perforated absorber (see Figure 2). [1]

Figure 2

• Rooftop mounted transpired solar collectors:

This type of transpired solar collector is installed on the building’s roof top (see figure 2a) and these types are used only when the stand alone types can’t be used. Since These construction types have flexibility in terms of tilt they can yield higher energy compared to that of stand alone types [1]

Figure 2a


Let us see some of the researches done on transpired solar collectors and their outcomes.

Photovoltaic Transpired solar collectors:

This hybrid transpired solar collector (see figure 3) was developed to simultaneously produce heat and electric energy using solar radiation [1]. In 1998 (Hollick) and 2008 (Delisle), conducted experiment by bonding photovoltaic cells to transpired solar collectors, but results were not satisfactory as the thermal efficiency turned out to be less than that of conventional

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