Investigation of Human Emotion Essay

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Investigation of Human Emotion A key aspect of human behaviour is the ability to sense and feel emotions. Emotions are defined as phenomena that are perceived by the body that causes a reaction; often these responses have physiological characteristics. This essay will look at the many psychological/ biological theories and ideologies involved in the concept of emotion. Human kind has evolved over the years to accommodate innovations in its biological, physiological, psychological and social lifestyle. Information about the ways humans can live appropriately have been passed on since the beginning of creation. New data is also brought to attention as individuals have enhanced their intellect. The…show more content…
Many theories have been proposed on emotion the simplest is known as the ‘common sense’ theory. This basically attributes emotion as a response to an experience, there is a connection between the emotion and the visceral organs that are controlled by our autonomic nervous system. For example one may face a hazardous situation such as being confronted by a lion; this will trigger a part of the body that concludes danger. This theory was disputed by one the most influential psychologists of the 19th century, William James proposed that the common sense theory is incorrect the individual in fact the emotions are a consequence of the bodily change. If one perceives a dangerous situation there will be an immediate impact on the bodily function e.g. increase heart rate this will then cause the individual to encounter an emotional state. William James’s theory was claimed to be too simple to account for and there was scope for further investigation to be carried out. Cannon – bard had proposed a theory that focused on cognitive mechanisms in emotion. They argued that emotions start before any bodily changes, the recognition of danger for example will simultaneously cause a change in bodily function and experience of an emotion. Another drawback to James theory has been the notion of perception, Arnold challenges that the individual has to
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