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Unit 7: Criminal Justice Operations
Scott L. Mankewitz
Kaplan University

CJ 499: Criminal Justice Capstone
Professor Jennifer Hulvat 1 July 2012

As the newly elected Chief of Police for the City of Scottsville, TX, my first task is to create and implement a plan to deal with the recent spate of multiple daytime robberies. To complete this task, we will develop a comprehensive investigation plan, determine our technological needs, analyze and synthesize the crime data, determine which investigative unit(s) will be assigned the task, and determine what our supply and equipment needs are.
Investigative Plan
On the morning of 1 April 2012, this department was notified of the robbery of 3 retail outlets in downtown
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This will possibly provide a list of

suspects that can be observed in an attempt to apprehend the offender before

another robbery occurs.

10) Conduct surveillance operations in downtown area using plain clothes officers

and detectives and uniformed officers in an attempt to funnel the suspects into a

manageable area to apprehend. By using uniformed officers in certain areas of

downtown the suspects may determine a softer target that is under surveillance

by plain clothed officers and detectives where the suspect could be apprehended

with limited possibility of civilian casualties.

Technological Assistance

The technological needs for an operation such as this are many. It would be easy to supply all of the needed equipment if there were no budgetary restraints.
However, the budget of the Scottsville Police Department is small and there is not enough tax revenue generated to provide all of the needed equipment. Therefore, this operation will be conducted using equipment already in the department’s supply. Any additional equipment needed will be borrowed from neighboring departments or, hopefully, provided by the local business owners. The department’s computer system is state of the art and was purchased using federal funding from the Department of Homeland Security 2010 Preparedness Grant to local agencies to combat terrorism and illegal immigration due to our close proximity to the U.S. and Mexican
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