Investigatory Project

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(Rose Petal Perfume)

Prepared by :
Jhannine Mae Talain
Eileen Shelly Velasquez
January 13,2012
Prepared for :
Mrs. Geraldine M. Yadao

We thought and brainstormed about what we are going to do for our investigatory project. One of us gave the idea to concentrate on a particular topic, which is about soap making but after all the long thinking and brainstorming, we decided to come up with a perfume as a product with the use of rose petals. Perfumes and scented products are composed of toxic chemicals like acetone, toluene, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde and ethanol that are found on any list of toxic and hazardous chemicals. All these and other chemicals used in the
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Statement of the problem: 1. What is wrong with using these modern perfumes? 2. Does this harm us, animals, or even nature? 3. What are the effects we are not knowledgeable about? 4. What are the ways that we can do to solve this problem?
1. The modern perfumes are known to have chemicals that causes some iritations to our skin and causes a damage in our environment. 2. This chemicals can harm us because it can be the caused of cancer and sometimes death. 3. Being not aware of it,we still continue using it, the chemicals that are present in this modern perfumes also causes our environment to be ruined. 4. By knowing of what harmful substances are there in the modern perfumes we can have the right choices of staying healthy,saving the environment and protecting ourselvs from allergic reactions and other sickness. With the choice of using a natural perfumes we can be sure that we are safe and cannot harm our environment from any destructions.
Significance of the study:
Making a natural perfume promotes a better,greener and eco-saving community because we'll be using natural ingredients. Since we want to minimize our everyday expenses, we make use of the ingredients which are easily found in our garden and kitchen. The importance of this gives us clues on what we didn’t know that some perfume products can actually harm our environment and cause different reactions to the

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