Investigatory Project

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011. The effect of sound on plants [Exp]
021. Plants in different environments (light intensity, color) [Exp]
031. The effect of nicotine, air, yeast on mold growth [Exp]
041. Factors affecting the strength of hair [Exp]
042. Factors affecting the growth of bacteria [Exp]
043. Factors affecting the growth of molds or yeast [Exp]
051. Experiment with Hydroponics (Use seedlings started from seed with three types of soil and different rates of fertilizer) [Exp]
071. The effectiveness of Antiseptics and soaps on household bacteria [Exp]
091. Comparing types of artificial light on plant growth [Exp]
101. Conditions necessary for the life of a brine shrimp [Exp]
121. Producing mutations in bacteria
122. Producing mutations in
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Can eggs withstand a greater force from one direction than from others? [Exp]
12. How strong are nylon fishing lines? [Exp]
13. How strong are plastic wraps? [Exp]
14. Which homemade airplane design flies best? [Exp*]
15. What factors affect the bounce of a dropped ball? [Exp]
16. How do compression and tension make things strong?
17. How strong is a toothpick?
18. Which type of lawn sprinkler works best?
19. Which type\size of light bulb produces the most light?
20. How can the strength of light be measured?- the effect on degradable materials
21. Which materials can be charged with static electricity? (Quick)
22. Which battery lasts the longest?- How can power be increased? [Exp]
23. What affects light reflection?- refraction and diffraction of light?
24. Spectrum and color production- prisms
25. How is sound produced? What affects the pitch of sound?- What affects the volume of sound? - How would you measure the velocity of sound?
26. Electric Motors- principles and factors effecting their efficiency
27. Electric Circuits- factors affecting voltage, amperage, resistance
28. Magnets and electromagnets- What affects the strength of an electromagnet? [Exp*]
29. Buzzers and bells and alarms (electromagnets).
30. Magnet Levitation- Experiment gravity defying effects of magnetism and build a Magnetic Levitating Train
31. Radios [Exp*]
32. Internal Combustion engines

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