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* * Investigatory Project “ Kaymito Leaves Decoction As Antiseptic Mouthwash ” INVESTIGATORY PROJECT KAYMITO LEAVES DECOCTION AS ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH Submitted by: Ronnel S. Pinote I- INTRODUCTION A. Background of the... Premium * How To Make Investigatory Project Make An Investigatory Project Sample Format: # Abstract After finishing the research and experimentation, you are required to write a (maximum) 250-word... Premium * On Investigatory Projects In Science investigatory projects in science (physics, chemistry, biology, etc). Some are asking only for ideas, while others simply want everything be done for them (abstract... Premium * Investigatory Project drippings, plastic bags, Styrofoam, burned woods and empty cans.…show more content…
The fruit peel of Lansium domesticum, var. pubescens ( thicker than that one of the sweeter var. domesticum ) exudes a white sap/latex containing the mosquito repelling triterpenes. The dried peel is burned and produces an aromatic, white smoke ( white from the sap and some remaining water ). Did you do a science project yourself, and do you have to write an abstract, or do you just have to describe what it is? I could not quite understand this.... but I can give you a general description of what it is. An abstract is basically a summary of a research project. It will usually describe four different things: 1. the objective (background) of the study, 2. the methods used, 3. the results found, and 4. the conclusions. It is usually very short (one paragraph), so it needs to describe all these things in a very compact, yet clear way. Abstracts are usually a part of a scientific publication, usually printed at the beginning. When researchers search in databases for relevant publications, they will search for keywords, and then a number of publications will pop up (similar to a Google search). In their result screen, they will see the abstract and read them to decide if they want to read the whole paper or not. So the abstract needs to be attractive and clear. The journal that you want to publish your research in, will

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