Investing and How to Make Money

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Question 1: Do you prefer investing your money in financial markets? INTERPRETATION: Out of 60 respondents, 80% respondents prefer investing money in financial markets. This is because investors are having sufficient knowledge about the market. Some of the other reasons behind it are as follows:  Transparency in the market  Investors protection  More chance of earnings Question 2: Do you think Indian financial market will show a progressive trend in future? INTERPRETATION: In this pie chart, 75% of the respondents say that they see Indian financial market very progressive in future, while 20% of the respondents feel that the market is not favourable. Rests 5% stand neutral. This is because growth rate of the economy is being increasing and showing a positive way to investor for their investment in the financial market. Question 3: Which investment option would you prefer for investing your money? INTERPRETATION: In this case, out of 60 respondents 65% prefer to invest in mutual funds. The response to mutual fund is very positive because it has high awareness and investor feel it as secured and assured investment. ULIP’s have 25% response, this is due to the fact of lack of awareness among the investors, and moreover it has a lock in period of 5 years. There are some investors who opted for others; it includes investing in stocks, government securities, corporate bonds, post office savings etc. Because of lack of awareness
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