Investing in Real Estate in China

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Executive Summary The Real Estate Investment in China is considered a growing business in the future. China being one of most populous place, people are seeking better living places. By seeing this investment opportunity in China, our group was highly interested. We believe that China has considerable amounts of land for this opportunity and our business to grow. Real Estate demand is raising in China since their economy continues to increase as well as people is becoming more wealthier. With our resources and experience in the field, our investment will be on its way.
This report outlines the investment specifications. It is outlined in these categories: Country Analysis, Real Investment Analysis, Specific Components of the Project,
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We will price the apartment lower than the hotel, so that we can attract people to rent our apartment. This will be both of natural resources and of comparative advantage for us to develop our business.
Lastly, according to The China Post indicates, “China has robust domestic demand and wage arbitrage between China and Western markets is closing up, many multinationals are still keen to be a part of China’s growth story.” Which means, the cheaper labor is an arbitrage opportunity for us, and there have many companies trying to gain profit from running business in China. This will be another comparative advantage for us with our investment.

Specific Components of the Project
The Specific Real Investment Considered We have researched both of the location advantage, population advantage and of comparative advantage of Qingdao. As a result, we are interested in investing the real estate from using these resources in Qingdao. We have to consider investment funding, long-term investment, and environment uncertain element in our project. According to our research, Qingdao’s population has increased 200 million in 10 years, Qingdao’s economic has been growing at the same time. Building an apartment where can have an ocean view will be our best choice. Considered of the investment funding, we will need a large number of funding, choice of investors is our primary assignment. Most people wants to invest in real
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