Investing in TUFS Essay

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Investing in TUFS 1. What went wrong with the TUFS investment and what can be done to prevent these problems in the future? TUFS is the Technical Underwriting Financial System and was the biggest distinct outlay in IT by the Northern Insurance Company. They faced the difficulties in first few months and the team found very hard to finish it. The concerns are related with the efficacy and the upcoming prospects for the top notch evolution in underwriting process. Then it converted in to the key commercial coinage quarry. TUFS had the income and resources from Northern and to resolution the underwriting inaccuracies and the confrontation to the edifice. They were not in condition that they can save some money that is allocated for that…show more content…
The project is mainly focused within time and budget. Northern should appreciate the efforts that been exerted by the CIO, Martin Drysdale, project team mates and other employees who are involved in to the project. Melissa Freeman, CFO, did her coursework accurately, but she neglected many points. They should understand that some errors are from Northern side too. They shouldn’t leave their hands off from the project duties completely. There are many benefits can be expected from this project such as it will make over the calculated commercial proficiencies. It will be proved as very important deal by investing in the project. The project can bring more money once it done. The project team is very efficient so they can surely get more benefits. They should consider all analytical aspects, matters, and expectations from the project. In addition to, they should comprehend the scope objectives, one-on-one phone calls, email surveys, round-table discussions, and online surveys are outstanding methods to appraise a project. The northern should know that already Martin is putting too much effort. And top of that to know about the current state of the project, ask workers and managing team and review the results with the project manager. 3. How can Northern measure these benefits? They can come to know from the change reports, annual reports
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