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HRIS Cost Justification for Investment Associates, Inc.
Human Resource Information Systems

After reading the case study of Investment Associates (p.150) in the test Human Resource Information Systems; Basics, Applications, and Future Directions, like Marian Sweet, I have little experience in the HR field yet we are required to oversee all of the HR functions as HR professionals. The same situation has occurred in the company I work for, we started with eight employees, now have twenty-nine and we will soon be purchasing another facility which will include at least ten more employees. The difference is Marian's boss is willing to help her get professional assistance and my boss tells me to call our attorney if I don't know the
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If we just focus on the hiring side of HR, we can look at the turnover rate, cost per hire, and training investment. There is a lot of leg work to be done, with a turnover rate, according to Kavanagh (p.126), the HR professional will take the number of separations during the month divide by the total number of employees during the month then multiply this total by one hundred. The purpose for this is to "calculate and compare metric with national average using business and legal reports...This measures the rate at which employees leave the company" (Kavanagh, p.126). This will help the employer see if there is a trend, is there something the company could do to retain the employees to help lower costs for the company. With a HRIS, this report will be accessible with a few clicks of a button and the evaluations are available. It is the same concept with the cost per hire and training investment. Ultimately, with the HRIS, the company could find out how much money is being spent on new hires without tedious work and make changes to reverse or prevent these unnecessary costs. • In preparing a Cost-Benefit Analysis for the project, discuss some of the costs and benefits involved in this investment in HRIS. Many of the costs and benefits associated with the investment of a HRIS is pointed out when preparing a
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