Investment Attractiveness Of The Company

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In this chapter the author will be discussing the investment attractiveness of the company. Throughout of this academic research concept and essence of the investment, factors that has been affecting and different methods and techniques of evaluating investment attractiveness of the company will be illustrated. Provided discussion will be based on the different scholars opinion in this particular topic. Finally, examples and diagrams will be used to support the given methodology. 1.1 The concept and essence of the investment attractiveness of the company In the 21st century the business world became complex and sensitive. As a result the competitiveness of the market has increased substantially. In order to remain healthy in the market…show more content…
It enables the firm to balance its return on capital, stock prices and the level of dividends. In addition, the investment attractiveness is formed due to the competitiveness of product, customer orientation of the enterprise, which is expressed to the fullest satisfaction of consumer needs. The level of innovation in the strategic development of the company plays vital role to enhance the investment attractiveness of the company. And according to Krylov’s point of view, the implementation of innovation can be the leading factor in the whole system of determining the investment attractiveness of the industry. By assessing the investment in terms of income and risk it is possible to affirm that this is the presence of income (economic effect) on investment which minimum risk. Thus, it becomes apparent that regardless of the underlying expert or analyst approaches to the definition, often the term investment attractiveness s used to assess the feasibility of investment in this or that object, the choice of alternatives and determine the efficiency of resource allocation. It should be noted that the definition of investment attractiveness is aimed to form objective information to make investment decision. Therefore, while approaching to its assessment it should be distinguished the terms level of economic
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