Investment Banking in Bangladesh

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It was a great pleasure to prepare a project on the various aspects and operations. We would like to thank and convey my gratitude to honorable teacher, Munir chowdhury, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business Administration, for instruct me to prepare this project and we would also like to express my sincere appreciation to him for his wholehearted support and guidance.

Thanks him from the core of our Heart.


Importance of banking system in a country is increasing day by day. It is quite impossible for any country to develop in industrial and commercial sector without sound banking system in modern economic era. Merchant Banking performance is one of the significant functions of the bank. It plays
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It remains dedicated to meet up with the ever growing expectations of the customer because at Trust Bank, customer is always at the center.

Vision of Trust Bank Limited

We aim to provide financial services to meet customer expectations so that customers feel we are always there when they need us, and can refer us to their friends with confidence. We want to be a preferred bank of choice with a distinctive identity.

Mission of Trust Bank Limited

Our mission is to make banking easy for our customers by implementing one-stop service concept and provide innovative and attractive products & services through our technology and qualified human resources. We always look out to benefit the local community through supporting entrepreneurship, social responsibility and economic development of the country.

Positioning statement

Trust Bank is a contemporary, upbeat brand of distinctive quality of service and solution that offers a rewarding banking experience as preferred choice of banking partner every time, everywhere.

Our Value

* Trustworthy * Dependable * Reliable * Professional * Dynamic * Fair


Merchant banking primarily involves financial advice and services for large corporations and wealthy individuals.


The Major Merchant Banking activities which the Bank offers to its clients are:
 Issue Management - Management of Public Issues i.e. IPOs, FPOs, Right Issues, etc. as
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