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The internship position at Barkley Financial in the stock and bond department was advertised as an opportunity to take a crash course in the industry. This particular full service brokerage and investment banking firm has offices throughout the US and is well established in the market that share information. Barkley’s solid presence in the market has made it a major player the world of finance with well over one billion dollars under its management, so the company selects interns with the intention of adding to the company’s solid base. The job was a way of fully experience the true aspects of day to day functions and operations of a major stock and bond company.
While the experience itself is the central focus of the position, the
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Making phone sells is a vital part of the internship, but interns are also expected to maintain quality verbal, as well as written communication skills at every feasible level. Interns will find it necessary to fall back on their course studies.
The impact of the MBA course work cannot be understated in any measure. I quickly discovered that I had needed to fall back on the knowledge of my course work in some aspect every single day of my internship. Without a sold understanding of the courses, the foundation needed to properly correspond with investors is not possible. Extensive investment knowledge is not only the difference between extending the relationship with Barkley Financial, but is also a needed addition in fulfilling the requirements of the position. The MBA curriculum covers all of the information needed to effectively perform the required tasks.
I discovered that new customers are looking for a reason not to invest, so my expertise was never assumed, I had to prove it. The arduous task of acquiring new accounts hinges of the ability to project complete confidence while having the ability to address and concerns of questions that a potential customer may offer. Full knowledge of every aspect of finance is the difference between adding new accounts and losing a customer’s confident in you as well as the company. From my personal experience, MBA course work accommodated me with a vast

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