Investment Case Essay

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Cover Letter To the directors of Eagle’s Nest Re: Proposed Investment of USD$ 75 Million in Business Expansion In accordance with our previous discussion, as promised, attached is our proposal to provide business investment plan for Eagle’s Nest Hotels Inc., prepared by the following staffs: Weng Hong Hoh, Kang Yi, Nicklas Ivarsson and Moneeb Aziz. We would like to take this opportunity to thank for all the guidance throughout this project. This proposal contains plenty of information and ideas that we thought are suitable for the company’s strategy. The preferred option for investment, namely Aurora Resorts in Scandinavia Peninsula, has been offered for the consideration of the board and a detailed plan for implementation…show more content…
These ideas have been carefully analysed and a number of options were considered extensively. The preferred option for investment that fits with the allocated strategy and budget is Aurora Resorts in Scandinavia Peninsula. If this plan is accepted and approved by the board of directors, we will have another meeting soon to discuss and confirm further information about the investment. It is predicted that the plan can be initiated by January 2014. The full cost for this investments are assessed at USD $75 million as analysed in the following proposal. 2.0 Introduction This proposal was proposed to provide different possible business investment ideas for the board of directors of Eagle Nest’s and it was prepared by Weng Hong Hoh, Kang Yi, Nicklas Ivarsson and Monneb Aziz. In particular, this proposal indicates the issues of long-term growth for the company as well as to offer the preferred option for investment. The purpose of this document is to: * Create sustainable, profitable and long-term growth for the company * Expand and diversify the company’s portfolio *
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