Investment : Commercial Property Market And Equity

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Investment: Commercial Property Market and Equity (Share) Market
An investment can be said to be an asset or item purchased with the intention or the hope that it will create income or its value will increase in the future (Grabel, 2011). In an economic context, an investment is actually the purchase of goods for the future creation of wealth. In finance context, an investment is said to be a monetary asset that is purchased with an idea that the asset in future will generate income or it will be sold at a profit. In other words, the term "investment" is generally used to refer to any method used for the sole purpose of creating future income. In a financial context, investment includes the purchase of bonds, stocks or even real estate
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This is because leases provide regular income stream, most importantly higher than the normal stock dividend yield (Grabel, 2011).
2. Efficient appreciation of asset value
Historically, commercial property market investment has provided excellent appreciation in value (Brett, 2014). This appreciation has always met or even exceeded other types of investment. Actually, properties can increase in value due to some internal factors like proactive management and also external factors like supply and demand imbalance.
3. Accumulate significant equity through leverage
Another significant feature of commercial property market investment is the ability it has to place debt on the asset, which in essence is several times the original equity. This enables you to purchase more assets using less money and more importantly increases your equity as the loans are also paid down.
4. Provides superior hedge against inflation
In general, it has always been a norm that when inflation occurs, also the price of commercial properties, in particular, the multitenant assets that also have a high ration of labor and even replacement costs, will rise too.
5. Unique security advantage
The commercial property market investment specifically real estate is one of the limited investment classes that are categorized as a hard asset that has significant intrinsic value. The properties, for instance, the land has value, same to the structures itself. By one selecting the
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