Investment Objectives And Beliefs At Investus

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Investment Objectives and Beliefs
At Investus, we believe that our aptitude to recognize market opportunities using current market data allows us to remain one step ahead of our competitors, and ensures that we consistently perform well, over our 3 year investment horizon. Our aim is to create a well-diversified portfolio using a defensive strategy by investing across sectors we believe will outperform market expectations.

Our target client is someone looking to invest in a risk averse portfolio that provides stable returns with an expectation for capital gain. We have carried out extensive economic research in order to forecast future market conditions. This research is then used in combination with specific stock screens in order to select the best firms to invest in.

This report will outline our top-down (macroeconomic analysis) and bottom up (stock screens) research, along with an overview of our risk assessment, performance analysis and portfolio optimization process.

Risk Management
In order to alleviate risk, we have diversified extensively throughout various sectors in the economy such as healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace and defence etc. However, we could not completely remove systematic risk due to the nature of the market.

We have suggested that if a particular company in our portfolio faces certain unfavourable situations, we will sell it to protect it against further losses. Such situations include:

· Financial distress such as running into…
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