Investment Portfolio Analysis

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B6201 – Investments/portfolio theory | Investment Portfolio Analysis | Course Project Task 6 | | Crystal Watkins | 10/17/2012 |

This paper will Identify and explain the major factors driving the market during this week. It will also identify and explain causes of changes in the market and the index. As well as developed investment objectives and defined risk tolerance levels. I will also include a snap shot of my investments and an explanation of why I choose those particular companies. |

The trends that I noticed that were going on with my investments this week were: * Apple - Apple has asked Foxconn to tighten quality control measures while manufacturing the iPhone 5 after complaints of scratches on the device’s
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(Marin, 2012) * Verizon - Earlier in the year, wireless carrier Verizon said it was planning on expanding its 4G LTE coverage to span over 400 markets by year 's end. That was an aggressive goal considering it started the year with only about 190, meaning it was looking to more than double that figure in just one year. Turns out that Big Red wasn 't just being overly ambitious, and is actually reaching that goal ahead of time. Speaking at MobileCon, a conference all about mobile IT, Verizon CTO Nicola Palmer said the carrier is launching LTE in a handful of markets on Oct. 18, bringing its total tally up to a whopping 417, further extending its LTE lead against rivals AT&T and Sprint Nextel. (Evan Niu, 2012) * Target - Radio Shack 's partnership with Target Corp. to place its employees in Target electronics departments is a money-losing deal that Radio Shack should consider ending. The deal, signed in 2009 and expanded upon in 2011, hasn 't replaced the revenue generated by an earlier agreement Radio Shack had to run kiosks in Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Radio Shack 's Target business lost $17 million more than it did in 2010, Chai said. But the two companies are apparently working to improve things. Radio Shack 's kiosks now get placement in Target circulars, and Radio Shack is boosting training of its staff. [ (Journal S. P., 2012) ] * Wal-Mart - Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the
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