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The Investment Proposal
In early January of 2013, Manuel Pena, a venture capitalist, was attending a presentation conducted by two brothers- Dr. Adya Bharat and Dr. Sidhu Bharat- in New York City. Mannuel had been invited to the meeting by Sydney Smithers, a friend of his who knew he’d been actively looking for small businesses in which to invest. Sydney, a fellow Canadian, owned two businesses: one was a nursing home and the other, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), sold medical supplies for elderly people, including such items as walkers, canes, and special toilet seats. Sydney and the Bharat brothers were hoping Manuel would agree to invest $100,000 in their business proposition.
Sydney had gotten to know Adya while they were
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So they turned to their birthplace, India, in search of opportunity. The Bharat brothers had since established their business in the city of Pune.
The Proposal
“This is a great time to expand in India,” Sidhu said. There’s no such service there, since 75% of health care is private pay. And Pune is the best city to do it in. Plus, by being first with our service, we’ll be better able to establish our reputation. “Any competition that may come alone afterward will simply help sell our service to customers,” Sidhu added.
“Pune is known as the Oxford of the East because of its educational institutions,” Adya put in. “But it also has well established manufacturing industries. We grew up there, but since then it’s changed completely. It’s grown tremendously as more people have moved to the city to work with companies that have set up operations in information technology and automotive manufacturing. Pune’s population is now 9.6 million, and it has the highest per capita income of any city in India—50% higher than India’s average income.
“The need for our service stems from the increasing mobility of Indian society,” Adya continued.
“Young people used to live with their parents and support them. Now they’re moving to Pune and other cities for high-paying jobs that have them working 12 hours a day. Since they’re no longer living with

their parents, the parents have had to become
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