Investment Within Stock Market Of Mark And Spencer Company

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The purpose of this report is to determine the potential factors to sustain the investment within stock market of Mark and Spencer Company. This report starts by presenting background of the company and their current position, furthermore the microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis including PESTLE and SWOT analysis will be taken into account. Moreover, the financial performance will be the most important part to analysis their annual profits, share price and price of earning per share of company. Finally, this paper concludes by providing the recommendation for the company to enhance their performance and the suggestion for investors in order to support their decision-making.
Background of Company
Marks and Spencer Company is one of the biggest retailers in UK, which it has known by providing the finest qualities of goods and services including clothing, home product, foods and groceries. In currently, M&S Company operates 852 UK stores, 480 international stores and e-commerce platform includes approximately 83,069 employees, while M&S Company is one of the UK’s leading market positions in Menswear, Women-wear and Lingerie products (Mark and Spencer 2016.
SWOT Analysis
 Management restructure that occurred in this year has lead M&S shares rise significantly. “M&S shares closed at 1.5% bigger at 424.2 pences” . (Elder 2016)

 Being a leader market of Clothing Segments
 Has a lot of stores that spreads around the world
 Having a good food supplier to keep
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