Investment and Burgundy Asset Management

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FIN 6310 Case Studies Purchase Case Studies (4) • Ivey Case Studies (2) o You will need to create an account at o Then search for and put the following two cases in your cart. Download the spreadsheets. o Burgundy Asset Management: The Wescast Investment Decision o Burgundy Asset Management: …. Spreadsheet o Valuing Wal-mart 2010 o Valuing Wal-mart 2010 – Spreadsheet for students o Checkout and choose US dollars for your currency. • Harvard Case Studies (2) o Courses available Case Report Guidelines 1. Place case title at top of first page…show more content…
4. How does DFA protect itself from the “lemons problem” (adverse selection/buying bad stocks people are trying to sell) and liquidity risk? Liquidity risk is the potential for losses if the fund needed to sell its illiquid assets quickly. 5. Is DFA’s strategy working? What is performance of DFA’s funds from inception up until the time of the case in 2002? 6. Today, a client is asking for a recommendation for a core domestic equity fund to hold in her globally diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Would you recommend DFA’s small cap (DFSVX) or large cap value (DFLVX) fund, a small or large cap index fund of your choice, or a 5-star actively managed small or large cap mutual fund of your choice? (that is six funds)? Recommend a fund and discuss the factors that are central to your recommendation. Provide the symbols (DFSVX and DFLVX are already given) of all six funds that you are considering. • You can skip the case section on DFA’s new tax-managed funds. • See for recent fund performance. Burgundy Asset Management Questions 1. Describe the investment process currently used by Burgundy, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the methodology. 2. Analyze the auto parts industry, including an examination of “competitive forces,” and identify key success factors. Determine Wescast’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the industry key success

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