Invictus Movie Analysis

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This report is categorized by a brief review of the motion picture including descriptions of events which I found relevant to the topic and leadership style of three individuals from the movie. The leadership style is done using Kouzes and Posner and also some of the other leadership theories discussed in this class. This is followed by concluding thoughts and specific examples of how I can take some of the leadership traits displayed in this movie and implement them in my own life.
I googled the definition of ‘Invictus’ and found that to mean ‘unconquered’ or ‘invincible’ in Latin. The reason the movie is titled Invictus is the use of the poem titled the same to extend inspiration. Nelson Mandela mentions in the movie that ‘Invictus’ which is a short Victorian poem by an English poet inspired him during his time in prison at Robben Island. The movie is about how Nelson Mandela uses the National rugby team of South Africa which was earlier a symbol of apartheid to unite the people of the country and bring together the ‘torn’ country after assuming a leadership role as the President. There are various instances mentioned in this report which illustrate how he inspired others and led by example. Upon being released from prison Nelson Mandela…
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