Invisible Alien Research Paper

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A mysterious video was captured May 18th on the ISS live stream. What appears to be some kind of UFO is seen accelerating out of Earth's atmosphere into space right before the feed abruptly cuts out. ISS may have just accidently captured evidence of the underground devil aliens that scientists have long theorized about.


Thunder Energies Corporation, an optics, energy and nuclear physics company claimed that have found invisible aliens living in Earth's atmosphere. At the head of this corporation is the controversial but Harvard-educated nuclear physicist Dr. Ruggero Santilli. Many mainstream scientists dismiss Santilli as a fringe scientist but he claims his rejected work is part of the conspiracy to cover up the devil aliens hiding among us.


Santilli claims that he discovered these UFO with his own telescope. He originally developed the device to find proof of theoretical anti-matter. It uses a concave lens as opposed to the convex lenses of the standard telescope. While the telescope is still pending a trademark and patent, Santilli is convinced he's been able to pick up these invisible aliens that
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The inside of our Earth just might be home to an interstellar devil. This is far from the first time anyone has seen UFO's coming from Earth. Reports of two large holes at the North and South pole have been made for years and the government has been doing it's best to cover it up. It's quite possible these invisible beings are the same as the UFO's seen flying in and out of these holes. Inside the UFO's fly into a hollowed out planetary world. Occasionally they will rise to the surface for surveillance missions however, it seems they are not as covert as they thought. In the past, they may have been mistaken for the devil but as our technology increases, it's just a matter of time before their secret is
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