Invisible Disability Report

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What I really enjoyed about this class was the project of defining deviancy in public. Many people with disabilities are misjudged, stereotyped and discriminated against, with this project our professor given us the project so we know how they feel when everyone laughs and stares. I barely talk to new people let alone do something weird in public. For my project I wore two different shoes and my shirt was on backwards during the afternoon in the dining hall. A few minutes passed and I can already tell that people have their attention on me. I felt nervous and sweaty. It seemed like forever. The project really got me thinking more in depth of how disability affects individuals differently.I really enjoyed this course a lot, it helped me know what type of major i am interested in.…show more content…
One particular public speaker was Gina Ayers she informed us about invisible disabilities like asthma or diabetes, not knowing about the disability can a life threatening risk to his or her own health. Due to the fact that it is an invisible disability society will mistakenly deny the problem and telling the victim they are “over exaggerating.” I was interested about the topic of invisible disability, you do not know whether a person is suffering or
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