Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

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The Invisible Man spends the whole book, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, trying to come to terms with his identity, throughout the book he continues to learn and discover who he is. Ellison uses Invisible Man’s (IM’s) briefcase as a symbol of oppression throughout the novel, while he uses the briefcase to contrast IM’s sense of self-empowerment and his actuality of being used and controlled.
Right after the invisible man’s story starts, he receives a briefcase after he is forced to participate in a fight. When he receives the briefcase he is in an uncomfortable situation and desperately wants to leave the area and forget that he had to fight and following that by giving a speech to privileged white people. He made a speech as a
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This gives the briefcase meaning, although superficial, but because he got it out of a troublesome situation for himself and kept it to define himself and how he will act starts off his self-discovery in a negative light. The briefcase started a pattern of the Invisible man having supposed important roles in what he becomes a part of. When he goes to the college, he leads a white trustee around, which seems like a big honor and he is the one that receives this. Which leads to him realizing that it was not about him, it was about making a good impression for the college. When he enters the brotherhood it’s not about him, the brotherhood uses him to wreck havoc. This is what his identity becomes based on starting with the briefcase and setting up how other people in the book use him throughout. The briefcase sets up his future throughout the book.
Similarly, later on in the book when he acquires the doll that Clifton was doing a puppet show with he keeps it, resulting in a further attachment to pieces that seem to give him significance or identity. This doll connects the invisible man to Clifton, one of his best friends from the brotherhood. When the IM gets the doll he sees Clifton is performing with them after he left the brotherhood he goes to crush the doll because he is upset with what he has done but an old lady stops him and he takes the doll. “I dropped it in the pocket where I carried Brother Tarp 's chain link and started after the vanished
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