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The narrator in Invisible Man has the opportunity to take on numerous roles in this novel due to his invisibility. The narrator comes in contact with 3 main characters that greatly shape his life and make him the invisible man that he is. The white men from the ballroom, Dr. Herbert Bledsoe from the college, and the narrator’s grandfather all have a huge impact on the narrator’s life. In his novel, Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison uses the main characters to affect the narrator’s invisibility. The highly ranked white people from the hotel ballroom affected the narrator’s invisibility by humiliation, embarrassment, and publicly degrading him. They ridiculed him while he gave a speech that took much time and effort on his part, and belittled…show more content…
The entertainment not only came from the black men fighting over coins, but little did the blacks know, the rug was electrified. The narrator tells us “I lunged for a yellow coin lying on the blue design of the carpet, touching it and sending a surprised shriek to join the rising around me. I tried to frantically to remove my hand but could not let go. A hot, violent force tore though my body, shaking me like wet rat. The rug was electrified.” (27). The white men make the narrator feel inferior to them by making him the course of their entertainment. They make him feel ashamed and worthless. His feeling of invisibility not only comes from the belittling remarks they make, and what he has to do, but also the thought that the whites have that much control over what he is doing. Dr. A. Herbert Bledsoe is the president at the state college for Negroes, that the narrator attends. Dr. Bledsoe is very selfish and ambitious. He shows his confidence through his posture and through everything he does. He is very conceited and has to take notice in not only himself, but his work. The narrator explains “As we approached a mirror Dr. Bledsoe stopped and composed his angry face like a sculptor, making it a bland mask, leaving only the sparkle of his eyes to betray the emotion that I had seen only a moment before. He looked steadily at himself for a moment…” (102). He is only concerned with the authority he holds and the power that comes with

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