Involuntary And Unmoved: Documentary Analysis

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Before I begin to answer all the questions involved in this discussion, I must note that if watching this documentary once made me upset, watching it twice made it worse. It makes me sick to see how women are treated in the fields of my beautiful, America. It made me even sicker to see that many times the men doing the assaults were Hispanic themselves. The entire time I would think, “How could they being doing such a thing when they should be helping!”
Awful, just awful!
(1) When we talked about the official definition of sexual harassment, we noted the difference between "unwelcome" and "involuntary" actions. How is this illustrated in the documentary?
Unwelcomed sexual harassment was well noted by all the women who were grabbed,
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They did actions against their will because they were really scared. Scared because they were here illegally. Scared for their families, their loved ones and all their responsibilities.
These women, unfortunately sometimes had to face both unwelcomed and involuntary sexual harassments from these men against their will and the worse part with no one to tell the tale to…

(2) Discuss the ways in which power/powerlessness comes into play in the situation of women farmworkers who are undocumented immigrants. (Here, you can talk about the power of the farm owners relative to the workers.)
This entire documentary demonstrated the power the foremen had against the powerless women. The foremen used their power, their position and their ability to manipulate where and how the women worked to use and abuse them…to rape them and grope them against their will and the women took all the abuse because like I stated earlier, they were scared. And any of us who have felt fear at any time in our lives understand that fear is an awful thing.
(3) Along with the issue of relative power between the farmworkers and farm owners comes
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Because if you are a decent person, who owns a farm and you find out that your foremen are abusing of your undocumented or documented women, IMMEDIATELY, you should report or fire them yourself! To act as if you see nothing, hear nothing or know nothing, as an owner of a farm, when you know exactly what is going on makes you just as guilty.
What’s wrong with people?! These women are human beings. They are human beings; human being who are being exploited, raped, groped, touched, and even murdered all because they wanted to come to America, this great country to make a better life for themselves and their families. They live simple lives, work jobs no one else wants to do, and for what? To be violated while the owners, the authorities and those in the higher ups have a blind eye? Why or how can they do that? With all the cases that were brought to the attention of the EEOC, not one of the foremen, owners, or others were actually brought to justice or really charged. Yes, they paid

“fines” as if money could change what had happened, but no crime charges were actually brought to them. It was horrible to
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