Involvement In Mexico

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This investigation will study the question: to what extent did the United States involvement in Mexico impact Mexican economy? The years 1900-1920 will be the focus of this exploration to allow for an analysis of United States relation with Mexico before the revolution and during the Revolution as well. The first source which will be evaluated in depth is an article called, “Mexico-United States Relations” written in 1991 by a publishing group called Houghton Miffin. The origin of this source is valuable because Houghton Miffin is an educational and trade publisher and publishes educational resources for teachers, students, and parents specifying that they are an expert in the educational field which increases the reliability of the…show more content…
The relevance of this source is the evidence it has that can help a historian answer the question critically and thoroughly The second source evaluated in depth is the IB textbook, “History of the Americas 1880-1981” by Alexis Mamaux et al., which was published on September 15th, 2015. The origin of this source is valuable because it was written by expert and experienced examiners and teachers and thus provides the vision of individuals whom studied the matter cautiously. Furthermore, the document being an IB textbook, connotes that its information is precise and authentic which increases its validity. However, the day it was published is a limitation since it was very recent and leads to numerous clarifying questions being raised by a historian. So, the document is valuable to a historian studying the effect of United States interference in Mexico because it reveals everything about the Americas. The purpose of this textbook is to inform high school students with specific information to show effective comprehension on the historical contexts. This hence is valuable as it is a fact that it was written for students in higher level which displays that components like thorough research has been made leading up to the creation of the textbook. The source is, however, limited in its purpose since it is directed towards a certain group of audience and therefore preventing a historian from receiving
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