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The American government, schools, and private sector should all invest in VET by implementing effective strategies used by other nations, such as encouraging collaboration between schools and businesses, expanding the range of occupations offered in the VET program, and attempting to “rebrand” the VET program in the eyes of Americans. State governments can encourage employers to get involved in school-to-work partnerships or apprenticeships by offering appropriate tax cuts or subsidies, such as the South Carolina government is currently doing (Lerman 4).Strengthening collaboration between apprenticeships and community colleges is another key factor in providing pathways from schools to work, benefitting the college as employers relate updated…show more content…
The American public, along with the U.S. government, clearly favors sole academic education to VET programs because of several false notions. The government spends over $300 billion dollars a year on colleges and universities compared to a meagerly $40 million a year on apprenticeship programs. Many Americans snub VET because they see it as a mediocre option to university, but apprentices earn money during their training while university students accrue debt. Besides, vocational education is trending toward more academic education alongside workplace learning. Although students with bachelors’ degrees do tend to make more money than former apprentices, apprenticeship is a respectable, inexpensive option for many, especially those working minimum wage jobs. Also, many young people prefer learning by doing. As professor of economics at American University Robert Lerman points out, apprenticeships are appealing to those who prefer to learn through a hands-on approach and see the reward of their work immediately, a learning style that may appeal especially to minority young men (2). Currently, leaders in America’s VET system (CTE) are urging state politicians to view VET as an integrated section of the education system as a whole by creating new standards for VET that align with the newly-established Common Core standards (Meeder 6). Despite the public’s long-held…show more content…
According to former Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Stuart Eizenstat, many countries such as Germany and Switzerland that would potentially invest in manufacturing in the U.S. complain that there are not enough workers skilled in intermediate technical occupations. Further, there are job openings in the manufacturing and technical fields that are not filled simply because there are no skilled workers available (Eizenstat 1). Aligning effective vocational training with the labor demands of the economy provides trainees with useful skills while they also earn money and employers with sufficient skilled workers in the field. The federal government also benefits from this symbiotic relationship because increased wages and employment result in increased tax revenue. In reality, expanding vocational training and education could potentially become the largest and most effective anti-poverty campaign in the U.S. For young people like Evan, expanding VET is their brightest hope of escaping the cycle of poverty and entering a rewarding career. Economist Robert Lerman brilliantly summarizes a call to action by passionately declaring “It is time for political
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