Involvement of Parents in Their Child's Development

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Project Part 3

For a working woman, maternity leave is a standard part of giving birth. Physically, the new mother needs that time to recover from the birthing process, but there is an emotional reason, too. Experts preach over and over that for those first few weeks of a baby’s life, it needs the interaction and touch of its mother to help with bonding to start their development on the right track. Shouldn’t the father be part of that process as well? Shouldn’t the father of the new child be able to take paternity leave from work? I believe they should, not only to bond with the child, but to help the mother with her recovery and to coordinate visitors, appointments and any errands that may be needed. Some
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Friends, relatives, and neighbors alike all want to see the new bundle of joy. Some may want to cook dinner for the new family and having the father home on paternity leave would help take this stress off the new mother. When the mother is sleeping or caring for the child, the father could coordinate with everyone wanting to visit so that the new family is not bombarded with everyone at once. A mother having to deal with her own recovery as well as caring for the child could easily get overwhelmed dealing with all the requests. On top of coordinating visitors, the father could manage the doctor’s appointments or errands to get supplies. Some mothers are on medication after birth and shouldn’t drive, not to mention that most new mothers don’t want to take their newborn to a grocery store in those first few weeks. Besides the obvious benefit to a child’s development, paternity leave is beneficial to the family as well. Research has shown that in families that the father takes paternity leave, fewer divorces occur. This helps the family by strengthening it and not having the father only play the role of being the primary bread winner. This creates a happy family, which extends to the workplace as well. One might think there would be
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