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The Impact of the IOM Report on the Future of Nursing Celeste Ottney Grand Canyon University NRS430v Adriane M. Hesson March 12, 2012

The Impact of the IOM Report on the Future of Nursing In 2008, as a response to the need for a transformation in the nursing field, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Institute of Medicine created an action-oriented blueprint with recommendations for changes needed in nursing. This was a response for the need to assess and change the world of nursing to advance nursing practice in the future. This 600 plus page report focuses on four key messages which are described
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It tells us that, “The education system should ensure that nurses have the intellectual capacity, human responsiveness, flexibility, and leadership skills to provide care and promote health whenever and wherever needed” (IOM, 2010). The IOM report acknowledges the fact that more nurses are working outside of hospitals, so as care shifts into a community based setting, there is a strong need to further our knowledge through education. Included in the report is a lot of evidence based on the need for nurses to obtain a BSN. It states that, “An all-BSN workforce at the entry level would provide a more uniform foundation for the reconceptualized roles for nurses and new models and also be poised to achieve higher levels of education at the master’s and doctoral levels, required for nurses to serve as primary care providers, nurse researchers, and nurse faculty positions currently in great demand” (IOM, 2010). The report also talks about the benefits of the American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Recognition Program, which favors the BSN for employment. The report states that setting a goal of increasing the percentage of BSN nurses to 80 percent by 2020 is may seem bold, but it can and should be achieved “to move the nursing workforce to an expanded set of competencies, especially in the domains of community and public health, leadership, systems improvement and change, research, and health

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