Ios V. Android

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iOS v. Android

Fruit and Robots: Two Operating Systems in the Mobile Market
Damon N. Pietras
COM 155 University of Phoenix

Fruit and Robots: Two Operating Systems in the Mobile Market
Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems (OS) are both used in similar devices, tablets and phones. However, the look and feel of both is very different. Smartphones and tablet computers have become increasingly popular; two operating systems have come to the forefront, iOS, and Android. Both contain similarities but the way in which they are used, and the devices they are used on are similar but once the OS’s are put on become vastly different. Many other operating systems have tried, and ultimately failed, to gather market share like both iOS
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This can cause problems for the company because it can fragment their market share as well as confuse the public. Not all devices run all OS versions, not all devices look the same because of the skinning that comes from some hardware manufacturers.
One major difference between the two operating systems is the fact that Android is part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) which allows developers access to the Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop applications for Android devices, which is the most important part of the new Smartphone market. Apple, as with most things they release have a closed system, you have to pay to become a developer and develop with tools they proved. This puts a burden on the developers right away because Android is extensively free, while iOS has an initial cost to even get started, and that’s if you already have an Intel-based Mac.
Application development itself is different in the respect that they use different programming languages to create the applications (apps). Android applications are usually developed using the Java language but with tools that are available can be created using C, or C++. Apple iOS applications are created using their own custom software and Objective C language. The approval process one applications are developed are also much different. With an Android App is developed it can be sold
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