Ios vs. Android

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Total devices in the field. At Apple 's iPhone 4S launch event on October 4th, CEO Tim Cook said that the company had sold 250 million iOS devices to date--including iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and (I assume) current-generation Apple TVs. Shortly thereafter, Google CEO Larry Page said that 190 million Android devices had been "activated." (Google talks about units in terms of activations, not sales.)
The first iPhone went on sale 16 months before the first Android phone, so iOS had a head start--but according to these numbers, the handful of models that Apple has released to date have still managed to outsell hundreds of Android-based gadgets.
New devices sold daily. I don 't believe either Apple or Google has released information on
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The data we have could be meaningfully behind the current state of affairs.
Trends matter more than any one moment in time. The numbers I 've quoted here are freeze frames, but the Business Insider 's Henry Blodget--a long time advocate of the notion that Android will come to dominate the market--has some graphs that show Google 's operating system gaining on Apple 's in some categories
Ultimately, you 've got to choose a bottom-line number. Is the most successful mobile platform the one that 's moving the most units right now? Fair enough, and that might be Android. Is it the one that 's racking up the biggest profits? That sounds most logical to me--and that platform seems to be iOS.
Me, I love competition. Rather than hoping that iOS will fend off Android or that Android will trump iOS, I 'd love to see them both thrive. That 's what they 're doing now. And if they 're both still flourishing in a few years, it 'll be great for consumers--and a strikingly different outcome from the PC wars of the 1980s and 1990s, which saw Microsoft decisively trounce Apple. Here 's
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